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Corner scrollwork art Helpers' Corner
Many new traditions are taking root here at Bridging the Gap! We celebrate the new connections being made, due in large part to our hard-working helpers.

"We, as TBI survivors, who have gained new and appreciated characteristics from our injuries, don't want to lose what we've gained while we work to retain what we've lost."

Ongoing Events
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Brain Injury Connections
Hosted by Cisco Cruz
The Zoom link below takes you to whichever meeting is active at that time.
Book Club:

Mondays at 4pm PST
We are reading Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Thursdays at 11am PST
We are reading Whole Brain Living by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

No need to buy the books, we will read aloud from them and discuss.


On Hiatus — Thursdays at 4:30pm PST
Come meditate with us and enjoy the calming power of doing this together.

Healing Poetry Pop-Up Circle

New Days and Time — 1st and 3rd Fridays at 4pm PST
Share any poetry that has helped in the process of recovery, your own work or another's.

Movie Night

On Hiatus — Saturdays at 6pm PST
View a TBI-related movie together online and discuss. Popcorn optional.

Check-In and Chat

On Hiatus — Sundays at 6pm PST

Zoom Link:
Concussion Care Studio — Semiotics for Recovery
Hosted by Michelle Goin
Mondays at 9am PST
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID:
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871 9982 7073
WhatsApp for Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors
If you want to join our private WhatsApp community discussions, please contact Cisco at

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